Additional Events and Definitions

“Path of Success” Brick Campaign: SGA Development’s long-term project to build an SGA Endowment through the selling of engraved bricks in front of Koldus.

Whoopin’ Weekend: A 3-day recruiting conference hosted by the Aggie Recruitment Committee in the spring semester.

S.E.A.L.: A 3-day recruiting conference hosted by the Aggie Recruitment Committee in the fall semester. S.E.A.L. stands for “Seniors Experiencing Aggie Life”.

Earth Day: An EIC-driven event that encourageshaving fun in a green manner.

Faculty Fish Camp: Typically held in the fall semester, it is a TAMC-driven event that is intended to teach TAMU faculty the various Aggie Traditions and folklore.

Hosts: Several committees utilize the designation of “host” as a way to describe certain individuals involved with their program. The actual role of a host varies greatly between committees.

  • ARC and HSLC: Host refers to an on-campus resident, with no obligation to be a member of the committee, who “hosts” high school students in their dorm for overnight sleeping arrangements.
  • COSGA: A COSGA Host refers to an individual who joins COSGA in November and acts as support staff for the conference. They do not serve on any specific committee within COSGA and have minimal influence on the planning of the conference. However, they serve as a point of contact for delegates at the conference and fill many of the necessary roles for the conference.
  • Muster: A Muster Host offers support to the families of those honored at Muster. Hosts volunteer their time to promote and take part in Muster, and work closely with the Muster Committee. Muster Hosts are chosen in the spring semester.

Leadership Retreats/Lunches: SGA staff-driven events that are intended to bring the Committee Chairs, Senate Officers, Executive Council, and Judicial Court together. Their function may vary from appreciative social gatherings to informative meetings.

Schmidt House: A house that is utilized by CARPOOL for their weekly headquarters and for SGA storage. Each committee or commission may request space in the Schmidt House. The committees and commissions need to inventory their Schmidt House storage every semester. It is intended for items that will be used for regularly scheduled events. Committees are discouraged from storing old t-shirts and apparel in the Schmidt House, as these items tend to be forgotten about. Click here for directions


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