Committee Evaluation Process

  1. Committee Evaluation Process
    1. Process Time Frame
    2. Committee Evaluation Panel Members
    3. Committee Evaluation Format
    4. Post-Evaluation Committee Status Designations
    5. Removing a Committee
    6. Committee Creation Process

Process Time Frame

Committees are required to be evaluated based upon the four qualifiers a minimum of once every two years. The committees being evaluated will be notified on or before September 1st of the Academic Year during which they will undergo the committee evaluation process. The committee evaluation may occur at any time during the year; however, it must occur before that committee’s officer transition period.



Committee Evaluation Panel Members

To conduct a valid review, at least five (5) of the following seven (7) individuals must be present:

  1. Student Body President
  2. Speaker of the Senate
  3. Chief Justice of the Judicial Court
  4. Business Coordinator 1
  5. SGA Primary Advisor
  6. Senate Finance Chair
  7. Cabinet Position in charge of Finance on the Executive Council

The Student Body President will appoint a mediator for the review session.



Committee Evaluation Format

The committee evaluation will be conducted in the following format:

  1. Committee presentation of materials
  2. Question and Answer
  3. Committee Comment Time
  4. Discussion conducted with the panel (without committee present)
  5. Status decided upon by the Panel
  6. Written evaluation/review of committee completed by each panel member and submitted to mediator
  7. Compilation of evaluation by mediator.
  8. Follow up meeting scheduled and conducted with committee and mediator in order to review
  9. Committee Evaluation Results


Post-Evaluation Committee Status Designations

Upon evaluation, the review panel will designate the committee into one of three categories.


Status I: Approved

Committee will be placed under this status by completing the following:

  • Complete committee evaluation in its entirety with all required
    materials and information
  • Found to meet requirements set out by SGA and
  • Perform at budget or under budget and
  • Accept recommendations and suggestions of the panel

 Status II: Under Review

Committee will be placed under this status by having the following:

  • Not complete Committee Evaluation process in its entirety with all required materials and information and/or
  • Not found to meet requirements set out by SGA and/or
  • Not willing to accept recommendations and suggestions of the panel and/or
  • If they are a new committee

This status will remain in effect for one year from the date the original Committee Evaluation was conducted. This will give an opportunity for the committee to make adjustments and necessary measures to be put in place in order to meet the requirements originally set out.

The committee will undergo a Committee Evaluation again within 10 days of the one-year time span and will be reassessed. Should they fail to then meet the requirements set out for them or should the panel see fit, they will be placed on status III (removal) or left under status II (under review) for a designated period of time to be determined by the panel

Status III: Removal

Committees will be placed under this status:

  • If found to be failing to meet requirements set out by SGA in their follow up Committee Evaluation


Removing a Committee

Once a committee has been placed on Removal Status by the evaluation panel:

  • The mediator of the review panel will file a request for removal to the Senate Rules and Regulations Chair
  • The Senate Rules and Regulations Chair will then bring forth a bill addressing the removal of said committee during the next Student Senate meeting.
  • A committee may then be removed by a 2/3 vote of the student senate. If the 2/3 vote fails, the committee will be placed back on Under Review Status.


Committee Creation Process

Committees should provide services that are within the mission of SGA.  These committees should have a unique goal that is of obvious utility to the student body and general community.  In order to prevent poor utilization of resources, possible new committees will be scrutinized before formation to ensure that the correct place for this committee is within the SGA.  Any approved committee will be considered provisional for two full years; after such time, the committee’s future status will be decided.

Those wishing to form a new Student Government committee will submit to the Executive Vice President Operations a detailed summary of the committee.  At the very least, this report shall include:

a)Committee name
b)Goals and mission statement
c)Officer duties and responsibilities
d)Proposed budget
e)Detailed list of planned activities
f)Discussion of why this committee is a necessary addition to the SGA

The Executive Vice President shall meet with the group proposing formation to discuss this plan.

A hearing by the Committee Review Board shall be called for discussion of the proposal.  The Board shall be made up of the Student Body President (or a designee), the EVP Operations, the VP Human Resources, the VP Finance, the Senate Rules and Regulations Chair and three additional Senators chosen by the Senate Speaker.  The Board shall hear testimony from the committee’s proponents as well as from those opposed to such a committee.  If any person serves in more than one position listed above, they will appoint a person with similar experience and knowledge to fill their position on the Board.

The Board shall decide whether or not to proceed with the creation of this committee, or whether to hold the proposal from the committee for further consideration. 

Once it has been decided to proceed with the creation of the committee, the Senators of the Board will draft the appropriate legislation needed to create the committee.  The committee will come into being when the Senate passes this legislation.  The committee chair will be selected as soon as possible.  This chair will begin the process of structuring the committee, but the committee will not have the opportunity to receive a cube or their own account until the next year’s allocations.  Any funding required until that time must come from funds acquired by the committee or, at the discretion of the VP Finance, general SGA funds.

The committee will be subject to the same procedures for requesting space and funds as any other Student Government committee.  The recentness of the committee’s creation will be considered by the Budget Allocation Board and the Space Allocation Board.

After two years in existence as an SGA committee, the committee will have a final review before the Committee Review Board.  At this time the impact the committee has had a fulfilling its mission, as well as how the committee has operated within SGA, will be considered.

If the Board feels that the committee is fulfilling its duties effectively, the committee will lose its provisional status and be assigned permanent committee status.

If the Board feels the committee still shows promise, but must do more work to prove its merits, the committee may continue as provisional subject to review next year.

If the Board feels the committee has been unsuccessful in fulfilling its purposes and has been detrimental to the SGA, the committee will be terminated.  The Senators on the Board will draft the appropriate legislation.

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