SGA Committees and Commisisons

  1. SGA Committess and Commissions
    1. SGA Committee Chairs and Advisor
    2. Committee Expectations
    3. Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities
    4. Removal of Committee Chairs

SGA Committee Chairs and Advisors


 Committee/Commission Advisor(s)  Chair/Director 
 Aggie Recruitment Committee (ARC)

Michelle Gardner

Leslie Montalvo
 Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

Andella Doe

Kaleisha Stuart
 The Big Event Melissa Shehane Ben Bates

Cynthia Olvera (1)

Jennifer Boyle (2)

Brian Dilorio

Kelli Forde

Clay Kelly
 SGA Development

Michelle Gardner

Emily Young
 SGA Diversity

Amy Loyd (1)

Michelle Gardner (2)

Dan Gutierrez
 Election Commission

Amy Loyd (1)

Michelle Gardner (2)

Kyle Jackson
 Environmental Issues Committee (EIC) Matt Starcke

Amanda Cernovich

Jakob Rosenburg

 Executive Council

Amy Loyd (1)

Michelle Gardner (2)

Jeff Pickering 
 Fish Aides Renee Kazmierski

Clay Smiley

 Gilbert Leadership Conference (GLC) Yolanda Barnes

Paige Toppert


Leo Young

Rachel Wong
 Building Young Leaders Together (BYLT)

Erika Green

Coleman Graham

 Judicial Court Sarah Edwards David Glasheen
 Legislative Relations (LR)

Amy Loyd (1)

Michelle Gardner (2)

Bryce Bender

Rusty Thompson  

Kelli Kimmey
 Parents Weekend

Tia Crawford

Audrey Roeder
 Replant Kathryn Sturtevant Andrea Fonseca

Sarah Edwards (1)

Amy Loyd (2)

Tanner Wilson
 Texas Aggies Making Changes (TAMC) Jason Boyle Robert Krantz
 Traditions Council Tim Sweeney  Taryn Tipton


Committee Expectations

  • Lead his/her respective committee within the mission/vision of the organization
  • Lead the recognition process for the organization
  • Be aware of and follow student rules regarding student organizations including but not limited to: grade requirements, risk management, conduct, etc.
  • Maintain committee operations procedures manual and enforce policies and procedures within the manual
  • Attend Chair Team Huddles, which serve as an opportunity for all committee chairs to discuss challenges, successes and ideas
  • Report to the Student Advocate for Human Resources
  • Select officers and committee members following the procedures set forth by the organization
  • Keep the organization’s cubicle in neat and tidy order
  • Check email that is provided to SGA staff and leadership
  • Check committee mail slot, located in SGA Computer Lab



Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain a Standard Operations Manual
  • Maintain neat cubicle space
  • Store appropriate materials in cubicle space and large or extra supplies at Schmidt House
  • Clean out cubicle space and Schmidt House storage space at least once per year
  • Conduct effective organization transition process by providing new leadership with historical documents
  • Each committee will establish which type of transition is most effective for each respective committee (eg. retreat, effective meeting, etc.)
  • The transition process should be documented in the organization’s operations manual
  • An effective leadership transition. Click here for a guide.



Removal of Committee Chairs

See Executive Council By-Laws

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