SGA Leadership Certificate

SGA Leadership Certificate



  • The Student Government Association leadership certificate was created to offer a non-academic program format that encourages all SGA committee members to engage in extracurricular learning opportunities across campus. 

 Applicability to Student Government Association

  • The Student Government Association is meant to represent all areas of campus and provide a voice for the student body.  The leadership certificate program will allow students to experience activities, programs, and events that take place on campus and within the Bryan/College Station community. 

 Learning Outcomes: 

  • The student will be able to recognize and affirm their own personal leadership style
  • The student will be introduced to campus wide leadership activities, programs, events, and workshops
  • The student will be able develop skills to effectively work towards creating a more inclusive campus
  • The student will be able to develop skills in order to work effectively with diverse groups

 Leadership Certificate Framework: 

  • Participants must attend and submit reflections on one event per value for a total of 7 submissions before April 1.
  • The leadership certificate is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership.
  • The Social Change Model is comprised of 7 "C's" Values
    • Individual
      • Consciousness of Self - Being aware of the beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate one to take action.
      • Congruence - Thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency, genuineness, authenticity, and honesty toward others.
      • Commitment - The psychic energy that motivates the individual to serve and that drives the collective effort.  Commitment implies passion, intensity, and duration.
    • Group
      • Collaboration - To work with others in a common effort.  Collaboration multiplies group effectiveness by capitalizing on the multiple talents and perspectives of each member and on the power of diversity to generate creative solutions and actions.
      • Common Purpose - To work with shared aims and values.  Common purpose is best achieved when all members of the group share vision and participate actively in articulating the purpose and goals of the activity.
      • Controversy with Civility - Recognizing two fundamental realities of any creative group effort; that differences in viewpoint are inevitable, and that such differences must be aired openly but with civility.  Civility implies respect for others, a willingness to hear each other’s views, and the exercise of restraint in criticizing views and actions of others.
    • Community
      • Citizenship - The process whereby the individual and the collaborative group becomes responsibly connected to the community and the society through leadership.  To be a good citizen us to work for positive change on behalf of others and the community.

 To Participate:

If you are participating in the SGA Leadership Certificate and have attended an event that you would like to have count toward your total of 1 event per value, please submit your entry here.

Please email SGA advisor Kenneth Johnson at if you have any questions.

Calendar of Events: 

This is an attachment which contains optional activities.  This is not a comprehensive calendar, but will provide an ever-changing list of options.  Participants can also submit their own events for consideration.

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