Finance Operations

Allocation Process Overview

The job of the Executive Vice President and Appropriations Committee is to serve the SGA student organizations in properly allocating funds while remaining fiscally responsible with student service fee money.  We value the time and concerns of all groups and work hard to address them in a timely and professional manner.
Our Joint Goals Are To: 

  • Allocate student service fee funds in a manner that maximizes the impact on students at Texas A&M University through the mission and efforts of SGA Commissions and Committees.
  • Ensure SGA Commissions and Committees receive funds in a timely manner and remain accountable in planning and utilizing funds throughout the year.
  • Conduct a fair and just budgetary process, following every guideline stated in the SGA Constitution and subsequent branch by-laws
  • Gain greater insight into the overall financial status of SGA in order to better inform present and furture decisions.
This website serves as a resource for all SGA Commissions and Committees, in addition to SGA Senators and the student body, to be informed on the bugetary and appropriations process during the course of the upcoming year.


Documents for Download:

2016 SGA Budget Template.xlsx13.86 KB
SGA Finance Report Form 2015.docx26.55 KB

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